Knock Out Work Out 

Our workouts are specially designed to burn fat, build muscle, and provide great all-over results! We mix Boxing, Kickboxing, Cardio, HIIT, and light weight training to achieve optimum physical conditioning, improve cardiovascular endurance, and practice self-defense. Your class is led by an instructor, and you can take the workout at your own pace so you can take a break, stop for water, or modify exercises as needed. Our workouts are upbeat and we pride ourselves on maintaining a welcoming and supportive atmosphere to help our ​clients de-stress and feel great!

No prior boxing/kickboxing experience necessary. There is no physical contact in class, so you will never spar or hit anyone but you will learn how to throw a mean punch! 

Clases bilingues! Bienvenida!

Benefits of the Knock Out Work Out!

• Work out changes every day, so you don't get bored and you don't plateau!

• Designed for Women, so you lose weight, tone your muscles, and feel great!

• Flexible class schedule, so you can show up anytime!

• Led by instructors in a small group setting, so you get dedicated attention.

• Supportive environment with a strict "Positive Attitude only" and no-bullying policy, so you exercise comfortably.

• Modifications are provided, so we accommodate all fitness levels and any injuries. 

• Affordable rates, so you get million-dollar results at wallet-friendly prices!

• Introductory Offer, so you can meet the Trainers, see the gym, and try a workout at no risk!

• Lots More! Contact us to learn more!


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